10 Best Practices For Increasing Your Sales

Winning new customers is certainly not for the weary-hearted. For some, it can feel like a never-ending black hole of defeat - you may even develop a propensity to curl up in the fetal position at times (no judgment). But others seem to have it all figured out. This golden bunch is closing deals on the regular and living out your ideals, while you look on longingly at their success. You might call it "luck" - I call it "sales science". Below is a list of 10 proven strategies that we've employed in our company to dramatically increase sales in our own short existence. If you feel like it's not clicking for you, and you're looking to gain traction, read on:

  • 1) Start by analyzing your customer's profile. If you don't clearly define their characteristics, then you're essentially aiming with a blindfold. BE SPECIFIC. How old are they? What are their interest/hobbies/passions? Are they male or female? Do they have any children? Do they have an education? What is their income? The more specific you are, the easier it becomes to find your customers.
  • 2) People don't just buy the product or service. They buy the benefits that it brings, the problem that it solves, and most importantly, the happiness that it provides. Focus on developing your sales narrative around this central concept.
  • 3) Derive the benefits of your product/service by identifying your customer's problem(s). If you know who your customer is, and how you can solve their problem, then you have someone who will likely pay you to fill that need.
  • 4) What is it about your product/service that makes it better than your competition? Lean on your competitive advantages. This will help you create the perception that you are an authoritative figure in your space, and when you make your way to that position, the sales will inherently soar.
  • 5) Bearing in mind your customer profile, locate these people and build your prospect list - Pick up the phone and CALL THEM! Sure, it can be difficult and frustrating, but if you employ a tone of goodwill and find ways to add value to their picture, you are sure to see increased conversions.
  • 6) Pump out value-packed content, and leverage social media marketing in your efforts. With all of the free means we have available to us today, you would be severely remiss not to harness these tools in your own strategy. When producing content, think from your customer's perspective. Address their questions with thoughtful/actionable information.
  • 7) To piggy-back on the previous point - create and deploy an inbound marketing strategy, designed to generate leads for you on autopilot. This typically involves some sort of "tripwire" deal, where you offer something of value for free up front (i.e. - a free course, eBook, t-shirt, etc.) that would be of interest to your customer, in exchange for an email/contact details.
  • 8) Make sure that your product/service is properly priced. Take a look at prices from your competition as a barometer for what the market will bear. If your prices are on the high side, then you better be prepared to over-deliver on quality or service. On a side note: try to over-deliver regardless; this will help to increase positive reviews, and garner more word-of-mouth business.
  • 9) Offer free samples. We've all been at the mall, walking through the food court during lunch hour. As we're weaving through the sea of people, someone pops up in front of us with that tray of samples and hands one to us. What usually happens next? We jump in line to buy a plate full of those delicious morsels! Just as in this example, free samples are a powerful sales tool.
  • 10) Focus on retention. Once a customer has purchased from you, this doesn't mean your relationship with them is done. Maintain the relationship. Follow up with them periodically to see how it's working for them and make sure they're happy. This builds trust and creates loyalty.
Whether these concepts are new to you, or just helped to reaffirm your sales methods, my hope is that this list helped you in some way. Sales is much like a sport - you have to practice, practice, and practice some more. My motto is: "Be happy, but never satisfied." Stay the course. You will succeed.